It all began in 2021 when Desiree Page first created Milton Candle Co® - then it was just a brand of home fragrances built upon a foundation of fond childhood memories. Since then, Milton Candle Co has gained a passion for quality, craftsmanship, and a sincere interest in a luxury and sustainable design.

The brand identity pays homage to the street that our founder grew up on in her hometown of Minden, Louisiana. In 2020, Desiree's father was laid to rest after his battle from Chronic Kidney Disease and Stage 3 Lung Cancer. After his passing, old memories of her childhood began resurfacing, one being that her father would not allow candles to be burned in the home, due to his fear that their home could potentially burn down. Growing up that way, Desiree had to be creative to fill their home with scents she loved. She recalls finding different flowers and roses that grew outside her home and around her small town, baking goods in their oven, along with picking different leaves and pine straws. That creativity, passion, savoir-faire and imagination coupled with her strong business acumen has taken Milton Candle Co® from a way to re-live old memories of her childhood and transformed it into a brand where meaning meets luxury and a flame, with the belief that luxury is available for all.



The stories within Milton Candle Co® candles have a spirited and novelty that encourage people to bond, almost transporting them to a different time and place. As part of the experience, Milton Candle Co® fragrances are old memories that take you back...or new ones that stimulate the imagination, stir up conversations, turning moments into memories and experiences  - actively intertwining scents into your own story.


Milton Candle Co's® story is one of heritage, passion, and integrity. From their fragrance oils and domestically grown soy wax to their locally-sourced packaging materials, all products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and feature only the highest quality of ingredients free from harsh chemicals, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens , and phthalates. Milton Candle Co's® essence embodies an entrepreneurial woman who believes in the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction.

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